Perennial Discoveries

by Transcend the Realm

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staytech1987 Jazzy, trippy tech death. One of the more unique bands I've heard in the tech realm. I'm definatly happy to have this in my collection and I know that this will get spun quite a bit in the years to come. So yeah, buy this! You won't regret it!
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BUCWAH Jazzy Tech Death
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Favorite track: Pajdushka.
Steven DeMartini
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Steven DeMartini Some sweet heavy riffing! Favorite track: Pajdushka.
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released June 28, 2017

Max Visbeek Guitar/Vocals
Christian Mansfield Guitar
Tony Italia Bass
Josef Hossain-Kay Drums

Recorded by: Christian Mansfield
Mix and Master by: Max Zigman
Artwork by: Mark Cooper



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Transcend the Realm

A four piece metal band dedicated to making and performing creative music. Transcend the Realm has booked a steady line up of shows in their home of Southern California, as well as several out of state tours.

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Track Name: Endogenous Schizotoxin
me, myself, and I

Receive energy

In dimensions where light and dark reside

Invoking Consciousness

(Need for connection is embedded in man,

For they do not understand

I am not ill

I see what you feel

Archaic methods

Open up your mind

Return to the authentic experience of the body

Reality is individual)x2

Agreed upon by the masses

To some I am diseased,

But to others I am gifted

Abandoned when in need

(meditate to be uplifted)x2

multiple perceptions

me, myself, and I

Receive energy

In dimensions where light and dark reside

me, myself, and I

(Invoking Consciousness)x2
Track Name: Ars Moriendi
He who hears in the vast silence

He who wafts on the red wind

"In extremis”

He who leaps across the precipice

He who steals pearls from the ashes

"Ride si sapis"

'Ave atque vale'

I shall rise again

Bardo of the flesh

So feast on me

All my bones are laughing

As you're dancing on my grave

'Ave atque vale'
Track Name: Conscious Void
At sun set; he roams into to the woods exiled from home
beast draws near; spine tingling fear

tree to tree, shelter he seeks

alas, a cave bound by rock,

He begins his descent, down into the abyss

farther in, there is more, amidst

Strangely at the bottom light shines through,

His eyes behold a world that is new

As if it were a hell in earth,

society bathed in blood; men returning to dirt

beyond the black cloak, their red eyes do gleam; he caught one quick glance; transfixed evil thoughts

I have no free will; another soul bid adieu

Taken by leaders reign supreme; both above and below,

all is discerned, no one will learn
Track Name: Garnet
sky boats descend,
come as clouds to bless the Hopi people,
experience a human existence
guide descendants into earth; to meet
ant men who will grant them rebirth,
purification commences,
regather to ascend
Earth has a secret to tell

nothing disappears without a trace
the race to truth begins,
false history written in blood,
monsters from within and without
Our origins are at stake, they will, they will be coming!

Mj exposed, ENCRYPTED FILES, other sentient life must not be disclosed,
Mj exposed, ENCRYPTED FILES,every port of egress exposed!

(Putting a stamp on the sustain of a lie and
by silencing those who do not comply) X2


(You can't control which you dont perceive,
They suppress truth so they can proceed
experiencing a human existence)x2

willed to create,
willed to suppress ,
What our ancestors willed to construct
willed to create,
willed to suppress
willed to destroy

(Reality is a cocreative generation by our conciousness)x2